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Do you own a business? Do you need more customers? Let me show you how.

Having a business coach can help you work on your business and make sure you are accountable.  By setting goals and getting clarity on what you want from your business, you can live the life you’ve always wanted!

 I’m Angela Burgess and I am an Entrepreneurs Circle Certified Coach and I can help.

Nothing happens in business until somebody buys something …. and the fate of every business is, ultimately determined by their ability to get and keep customers.  When you have a marketing and sales system working properly to predictably and consistently bring in the right flow of new customers every week, like clockwork, then owning a business is phenomenal. 

But when you don’t have that, then owning a business is unpredictable, unreliable, and incredibly stressful.

I can help fix these problems.  Using The Entrepreneurs Marketing System, a proven step-by-step system to getting all the customers you’ll ever need ….. rhythmically and consistency – like clockwork.

What people say about me

I joined your workshop this morning, and wanted to send you a personal thank you. It was absolutely brilliant!

In the past year I’ve attended lots of webinars and business workshops to help me in setting up my aromatherapy business, but I can honestly say that this last hour with you was the best.


AIRA Therapy

I have just attended one of Angela’s online business workshops and now have a burst of enthusiasm after months of being lost and fed up with the Covid lockdown. Angela is genuine, enthusiastic and clearly very driven. I have taken away a list of simple practical tasks that I need to improve my businesses and shall now be working ON my business not just IN it. Thank you

Lancaster District Magazine

Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop. I know how much work goes into online presentations and it is hours and hours of work. It was brilliantly crafted.

I feel inspired but most of all I feel its achievable.


The Arts Factory

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