Up until Friday I had never run a workshop. I have attended many, particularly in the last 12 months since the first Lockdown. So why did I do one? Well I set up my coaching business last year and I have been thinking of good ways to show people what I can do. Not many people book coaching without having some idea of what the coach can do and it is hard to get all that across on a website. So my idea for Build a Better Business in 90 Minutes was formed.

Why Build a Better Business in 90 Minutes?

So I bite the bullet and decided to do it. I was very much helped by a challenge I took part in. The challenge hashtags were #findyourjanuaryjoy and #smallbusinesshuddle. Organised by two fabulous ladies Shannon @Mockingbird_Makes and Vanessa @mbpharomatherapy it involved 31 businesses making an offer on each day of January.

My date was the 29 January so a couple of days before I made the decision to go for it. I scheduled the workshop for two weeks later, Friday 12 February. Build a Better Business in 90 Minutes focussed on working on your business and not in it. How to manage your time and what you as a business owner should be focussing on. As entrepreneurs we can often be stuck in the weeds of running our business and forget about the marketing of it.

So if you have something you have been thinking of doing for a while but have put it of, my message is Just Do It! Sometimes the hardest thing is not doing something you know you could through fear of failure. I definitely face my fear and judging by some of the lovely comments I received; it was well worth it.

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