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Strategy Sessions
Live for Productivity

Most business owners are busy. They are busy running their business. Busy looking after their staff or contractors. Busy keeping their customers happy.

Is this you?  Do you feel there are not enough hours in the day?  I challenge you to review the way you work and look at how you prioritise your work.  

In our strategy session we will work together on what you should be spending your time on next based on what you are trying to achieve.  When I speak to business owners, they often come to me with three, four, sometimes five areas they want to work on.  I help them concentrate on the one that will move their business forward and bring the results they want. 

After our strategy session, you will have a clear focus on the next big thing you should be working on, with a clear path of how you can achieve it.  If you need further help, we can then discuss one-to-one coaching.



“Productivity isn’t about being a workhorse, keeping busy or burning the midnight oil ….It’s more about priorities, planning, and fiercely protecting your time.”
Margarita Tartakovsky

All prices exclude VAT which will be charged at the current rate. All sessions are held via Zoom and are prepaid.

I recently worked with Angela to support the development of my business. Until this point I had been very focused on the “doing” of my business, and less time (if any) was spent on “behind-the-scenes”.

Angela supported and guided me to understand and delve deeper into the how of my business and explore new ways of bringing in customers and revenue. Angela listened to my business needs and was supportive and encouraging in our bi-weekly meetings.

Sarah Gummett-Hart

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